Development environment and construction

1 Use environment

The myCobot 280 for Arduino version is developed and used based on PC and development board. There is no built-in system inside the robotic arm, so it is necessary to combine the robotic arm, PC and development board during use, so please prepare a PC and development board.

2 Development Environment

Because the myCobot 280 for Arduino version has no built-in development environment, you need to use a PC to install the development environment for the robot arm.

The following are the development environments supported by myCobot 280 for Arduino and the installation and usage tutorials:

  • 2.1 Developed and used based on Arduino

    Arduino is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use, open-source electronic prototyping platform that includes hardware (various Arduino-compliant development boards) and software (Arduino IDE and associated development kits). The hardware part (or development board) consists of a microcontroller (MCU), flash memory (Flash), and a set of general-purpose input/output interfaces (GPIO), etc. You can understand it as a microcomputer motherboard. The software part is mainly composed of Arduino IDE on the PC side, related board support packages (BSP) and rich third-party function libraries. Users can easily download the BSP related to the development board you hold and the required function library through the Arduino IDE to write your program.After users install Arduino environment ,can be viewed directly Arduino is easy to useaarduino

  • 2.2 Developed and used based on ROS ROS is open source and a post-operating system, or secondary operating system, for robot control. Through ROS, we can realize the simulation control of the manipulator in the virtual environment. We will visualize the robotic arm through the rviz platform, and operate our robotic arm in a variety of ways; plan and execute the robotic arm's action path through the moveit platform to achieve the effect of freely controlling the robotic arm.After users Install the ROS development environment ,can be viewed directly use caseuse of moveit


3 Firmware update

​ The basic firmware and Atom firmware of myCobot 280 for Arduino need to be updated using myStudio. MyCobot 280 for Arduino has built-in myStudio, which can be used directly.

Installation and usage tutorial of myStudio:

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