myCobot 320 for Pi 2022

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myCobot 320 Pi belongs to myCobot 320 series and adopts a Raspberry Pi microprocessor. Its body weights 3kg with a load of 1kg and a working radius of 320 mm. The small-sized product is endowed with powerful functions. It is characterized by easy operation, ability to work with human safely and features three advantages of usability, safety and economy, making it a cost-effective product.

2 Product Parameters

2.1 Robot Parameters

Indicator Parameter
Name Baby elephant collaborative robot arm
Model myCobot 320 for Pi
Freedom 6
Payload 1kg
Working radius 350mm
Repeated positioning precision ±0.5mm
Weight 3kg
Power input 24V,9.2A
Operating temperature 0-45℃
Communication Type-C

2.2 Electronic Parameters

Indicator Parameter
SOC Broadcom BCM2711
CPU 64-bit 1.5GHz quad-core
Bluetooth/wireless Available
USB USB3.0 x2; USB2.0 x2
Screen None
HDMI interface microHDMI x2
Customized Key None
IO Interface 8 pcs
Emergency stop switch Available
Teaching pendant or keyboard and mouse Optional

2.3 Software Platform

Indicator Parameter
Applicable Status Work Independently
Programming Platform Debian/Ubuntu
ROS/Python Embedded
Blocky graphical programming Embedded
Equipped with a camera Any camera can be selected.
ModelBus RTU Ethernet

2.4 Work Scope


3 Features

  • Embedded Raspberry Pi Ecology Providing Unlimited Possibilities

    • Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz quad-core microprocessor, running with Debian/Ubuntu platform.

    • Supports 4-way USB, 2-way HDMI, standardized GPIO interface, and a pluggable TF card.

  • Unique Industrial Design

    • With all-in-one design, the product has a compact structure, and the net weight is only 3kg.
    • With a modular design, the product is characterized by less spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly and replacement.
  • Easy Operation and Open-Source

    • The users can operate the product in a short time through drag teaching.
    • It supports ROS/moveIt and other development systems.
  • High-Level Configuration and Powerful Performance

    • Since a brushless DC servo is applied, a repeated positioning precision of ±0.5mm can be reached.
    • Being equipped with installation interfaces, the base and end are suitable for the development of various periphery devices.
  • Economical and Cost-Effective

    • Worth over 10,000 RMB, it reduces costs and synergizes efforts for high-efficiency scientific research.
  • Integrated Design and Safe Collaborative Work

    • With delicate structure, it optimizes space and integrates with application in a coordinated way.
    • It also has kinematics self-interference detection, which can effectively avoid motion collisions.

4 Application

Like myCobot 320 M5, myCobot 320 Pi is not only a productivity tool but also an expanding tool for imagination boundary. It can work with multiple types of end effectors to adapt to a variety of application, such as scientific research, education and function showing, etc. The user experience is excellent.

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