myCobot 320 for M5


1 Structural Parameters

1.1 Robot Parameters

Indicator Parameter
Name myCobot 320 for M5
Model M5
Effective working radius 320 mm
Efficient Load 1kg
Effective Arms Span 320mm
Repeated Positioning Precision ±0.5mm
Net Weight 3kg
Power Input 24V,5A
Operational Environment -5°~45°
Communications Network Interface
USB Type-C

1.2 Workspace


1.3 Joints Motion Angle

Joint Angle
J1 -165~ +165
J2 -165~ +165
J3 -165~ +165
J4 -165~ +165
J5 -165~ +165
J6 -175 ~ +175

1.4 Hole Installation

  • The base is mounted with flange and is compatible with both installation of LEGO and M6 screw.


  • The end of the arm is mounted with flange and are compatible with threaded holes.


2 Electronic Parameters

Index Parameter
Master ESP32
Auxiliary Control ESP32*2
Bluetooth/Wireless Available
TYPE-C x 1
Screen x1
custom button Available
IO Interface 4
emergency stop Available
LED 2-inch

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