myPalletizer 260 for Pi


1 Product Introduction

The new series of myPalletizer Pi elephant palletizing robot arm, fully wrapped lightweight four-axis palletizing robot arm, the overall design of the fin, small and compact, easy to carry.

​ myPalletizer Pi has a load of 250g and a working radius of 260mm; built-in ubuntu18.04 system, no need to use PC main control, link peripherals, you can quickly build robotic arm programming education, robotic arm control logic development, ROS simulation experiment class, is a quick start to four-axis The first choice for robotic arm learning.

2 Product performance

  • The fin design, the appearance is fully wrapped

    • The optimal space-removing fin design concept that can be loaded into a backpack subverts the traditional link-type educational four-axis robotic arm.
  • Embedded Raspberry Pi Ecology

    • Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz 4-core microprocessor, powerful AI computing power, infinite possibilities for development.
  • LEGO ecology, compatible with all my series accessories

    • The patented Lego hole design is shared globally, and the my series hardware ecological platform concept is implemented, and the end accessories are plug-and-play.
  • Comes with graphical programming Blockly

    • It is easy to get started and use, and the graphical programming language allows you to easily start the journey of using the robotic arm.
  • Support mainstream python language development

    • While Python language controls hardware, you can also learn a lot of instructions and programming thinking.
  • Support ROS ecology

    • It is developed using the global mainstream robot communication framework ROS, and supports simulation, control and algorithm verification in a virtual environment, which reduces the requirements for the experimental environment and improves the experimental efficiency.

3 Application scenarios

3.1 Intelligent palletizing

  • Simulate an industrial robotic arm, realize a variety of palletizing methods, build your own mini smart warehouse, and achieve more exciting things.

3.2 Object recognition and grasping

  • Recognize colors through machine vision, and realize the sorting, sorting, and palletizing of objects by the robotic arm. The creativity of various gameplays is unlimited.

3.3 Writing, drawing, touch

  • The perfect combination of robotic arm and art, creating infinite possibilities.

3.4 Composite robo

  • The mobile compound robot allows the workspace to expand sufficiently to allow it to complete more tasks.

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