myPalletizer 260 for Pi

1 Structural parameters

1.1 Robot arm parameters

index parameter
name Elephant palletizing robotic arm
model myPalletizer 260 Pi
degrees of freedom 4
Repeatability ±2 mm
load 250g
dead weight 960g
working radius 260mm
Material Photosensitive resin SLA
Charging voltage 8~12V 5A
Motor type High Precision Magnetic Encoder Servo Servo
Movement maximum speed 120°/s
control Raspberry Pi 4B

1.2 Workspace


1.3 Specifications and dimensions


1.4 Range of motion of joints

The essential Scope
J1 -160 ~ +160
J2 0 ~ +90
J3 0 ~ +60
J4 -∞ ~ +∞

1.5 Hole installation

  • The Robot Base Mounting Flange Base supports the installation of LEGO components.


  • Robot end mounting flange The end of the robot arm supports the installation of LEGO components.


1.6 DH parameter


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