mechArm-270 M5


1 Product introduction

mechArm 270 M5 belongs to the "mechArm" series of small six-arm robotic arms of Elephant Robotics. M5Stack-basic is used as the main control and supports ROS simulation software. It is an industrial-like configuration launched by Elephant Robotics for maker innovation and robot industry-university-research services Small six-axis robotic arm.

The weight of the mechArm 270 M5 is 1kg, the load is 250g, and the working radius is 270mm. The design is compact and portable, small but powerful, easy to operate, and can work with people safely. As the first small six-axis robotic arm of Elephant Robotics, it has three advantages of ease of use, safety and economy, and is a cost-effective choice.

2 Product performance

  • Classic industrial configuration, the first choice for robot industry, academia and research
    • The most classic six-axis centrosymmetric structure of industrial robots, compact and robust.
    • The preferred platform for universal vocational education, colleges and individual development, applying what you have learned to break through the barriers of production, education and research.
  • Embedded Arduino ecology, infinite possibilities for dual-screen development

    • Support Arduino rich software application ecology.
    • The fuselage carries two display screens and supports fastLED library, which is convenient for expanding application interactive output.
  • Highly open source, compatible with massive software and API

    • Compatible with a large number of API software, built-in ROS/Moveit to simulate the running state of the robotic arm, super extensibility
    • From drag teaching and Blockly visual programming to industrial practical operation platform, one machine opens up the whole chain of production, education and research.
  • High configuration, with Lego interface

    • Contains 6 high-performance servo motors, with fast response, small inertia and smooth rotation.
    • The base and the end are equipped with Letech interfaces, which are used in the development of various miniature embedded devices.

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