flat base

Compatible model: myCobot 280



name flat base
Model Model myCobot_Fstand_grey
color grey black
craft ABS compression molding
size 145×145×13
WeightWeight 60g
Fixed method Fixed Lego connectors/screw fixing
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
Applicable equipment Fit ER myCobot 280


Instructions for use:

Suitable for flat and smooth surfaces

  • Install suction cups on the four corners of the base and tighten them.

  • Connect the flat base and the bottom of the robotic arm with the included LEGO tech parts.

  • Fix the four suction cups on a flat and smooth surface before starting to use.


You can properly add a small amount of non-conductive liquid under the suction cup to fill the gap between the suction cup and the desktop to obtain the best adsorption effect.



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