Module suction cup

Compatible models: myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 600

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name Module suction cup
model myCobotPro_suctionPump
Material Nylon 7100
Number of suction cups 1/2/4
Suction cup size diameter 33mm
absorb weight Maximum 1000g
Power source equipment Suction and blowing integrated air compressor
service life one year
a fixed way screw fixed
control interface I/O control
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 320 series, ER myCobot Pro 600 series

Suction cup suction pump: used for adsorbing objects


  • Suction cup suction pump is that the suction port is connected with the object to be adsorbed through suction cups, tubes and other components, and vacuumizes the suction cup, causing the internal air pressure to change from normal pressure to negative pressure. The pressure difference between the external atmospheric pressure and this negative pressure is used to achieve adsorption. The purpose of living objects.

  • The overall structure is a multi-functional expandable suction cup, which can be installed up to 4; high-pressure resistant hose, which can be reused many times; an air compressor with suction and blowing integrated, which can be expanded to other functions.

working principle

  • Start the suction of the vacuum equipment to generate negative air pressure in the suction cup, so that the object to be lifted can be sucked firmly, and the object to be lifted can be started to be transported.

  • When the object to be lifted is transported to the destination, inflate it smoothly into the vacuum suction cup, so that the negative air pressure in the vacuum suction cup becomes zero or slightly positive air pressure, and the vacuum suction cup is separated from the object to be lifted, thus completing the lifting and conveying of heavy objects task.

Applicable objects : suitable for objects with flat surfaces

Appearance introduction

  • Multifunctional expandable suction cups, can install up to 4


  • High pressure resistant hose, can be reused many times


  • Suction and blowing integrated air compressor, can expand other functions


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