myCobot camera module v2.0

Compatible models: myCobot 280, myPalletizer 260, mechArm 270

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name myCobot camera module v2.0
model myCobot_cameraHolder_J6
color white (default)
Material ABS injection molding
size 836416
USB protocol USB2.0 HS/FS
lens focal length Standard 1.7mm
Field of view about 60°
supported system Win7/8/10, Linux, MAC
service life two years
a fixed way Lego Connectors
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
Applicable equipment support ER myCobot Series 280, ER myPalletizer Series 260, ER mechArm Series 270, ER myBuddy Series 280

Camera Flange: Machine Vision


  • USB high-definition camera can be used with suction pump, self-adaptive gripper, artificial intelligence kit, etc., eye in hand to achieve precise positioning and calibration.

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