myCobot Mobile Phone Holder

Compatible models: ER myCobot 280 series, ER myPalletizer 260 series, ER mechArm 270 series

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name myCobot Mobile Phone Holder
model myCobot_PhoneHolder_J6
Material ABS injection molding
size Diameter 34*10
color white+black
clamping weight 50g
service life two years
a fixed way Lego Connectors
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 280 series ER mechArm 270 series ER myPalletizer 260 series

myCobot mobile phone holder: used when holding mobile phones or objects


  • It is suitable for shooting and other equipment that requires physical clamping. It can clamp a variety of mobile phones. It has a simple structure and is easy to install and disassemble.

Applicable object

  • shooting equipment

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