Electric Gripper

Compatible models: myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 600

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name mycobot Pro Electric Gripper
Model model myCobotPro_Gripper_PGE_8
craft Metal + 7500 Nylon
Clamping rangeClamp size 0-14mm
Clamp force 2-5N
Repeatability precision 1mm
Lifetime one year
drive mode drive electric
transfer method Rack and pinion + cross roller guide
size 97×62×31mm
weightweight 460g
Fixed method Fixed screw fixed
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
control interface control Serial port/IO control
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 320 ,ER myCobot Pro 600

Electric Gripper: Used to pick up objects


  • PGE series are industrial thin parallel electric grippers, and the numbers represent the maximum clamping force of the grippers. The gripper is equipped with a pair of parallel fingertips, which run symmetrically during the movement. The main structure of the gripper is a smooth rectangular structure, which is small in size and saves installation space. It has 5 mounting holes to meet different installation conditions of the equipment.

  • Quick response, high grabbing frequency, and equipped with an 8-core communication interface, mainly to achieve clamping or stuck objects, suitable for relatively light objects.

working principle

  • The motor drives the rack and pinion and the cross roller guide to realize the opening or closing action of the gripper. The positioning point of the electric gripper is controllable and the clamping is controllable.

Applicable object

  • The volume is smaller than the clamping stroke

  • The weight is less than the maximum clamping weight

  • Custom fingertips can expand more items

Product parameters

pi pi

operating environment

surroundings illustrate
Protocol RS-485
Operating Voltage 24V
rated current 0.25A
peak current 0.5A
degree of protection IP40
Recommended environment 0-40℃

Mall link:https://shop-elephantrobotics-com.translate.goog/collections/mycobot-pro-600/products/electric-parallel-gripper?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=zh-CNhttps://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c-s.0.0.6945364bve0QX4&id=667084571424)

How to use

Installing the gripper:

  • For an electric gripper, insert it into the 485 interface on the top, as shown in the following figure:

It supports myCobot320. Function Description:

  • Run RoboFlow and select M5Stack-basic – Gripper ;
  • click Define New Gripper, fill in Gripper Name as "DH PGE 8” (must be this name), and then click Save;
  • select open or close for Saved status. The overall steps are shown in the following figure:

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