Flexible Gripper

Compatible models: myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 600

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name name myCobotPro Flexible Gripper
Material Metal
clamping rangeclamp size 36-136mm
clamp force Vertical 600g wrap 1080g
Repeatability precision 0.5 mm
service life lifetime 1 year
drive mode drive pneumatic
Transmission modetransmission deformation
size 170x128x195mm
weightweight 365 grams
Fixed method fixed screw fixed
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
control interface control I/O control
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 320 series, ER myCobot Pro 600

Flexible gripper: used for gripping objects


  • Traditional industrial suction cups need to absorb the flat surface of the material. In more and more working conditions, the suction surface is easy to damage the panel or components. The soft-touch gripper pinches the edge to grab the panel easily and without trace or damage, ensuring that the product surface is flawless. , Improve the yield rate.

  • The modular design of the soft-touch gripper is light in weight and can be freely arranged and combined according to the size of the panel.

  • The clamping force of traditional cylinders is generally large, and the force is difficult to control. The edge of the clamping panel is easy to pinch and warp. The single-finger clamping force of the flexible jaws is precise and controllable, and will not pinch fragile workpieces.

working principle

  • The flexible gripper is an innovative bionic flexible gripper developed by researchers to imitate the shape of the starfish's arms and legs. The "fingers" of the soft claw are made of flexible polymer silicone material, which can be bent and deformed by inflation. It can adaptively cover the target object like a starfish, and can complete the flexible and non-destructive grasping of special-shaped and fragile objects. Pick.

Applicable object

  • Objects of any shape within a reasonable size

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