myCobotPro Adaptive Gripper

Compatible models: myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 600

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name name myCobotPro Adaptive Gripper Black and White
Material Photosensitive resin + nylon
process technology 3D printing
clamping rangeclamp size 0-90mm
clamp force 1000 grams
Repeatability precision 0.5 mm
service life lifetime 1 year
drive mode drive electric
Transmission modetransmission gear+connecting rod
size 158x105x55mm
weightweight 350 grams
Fixed method fixed screw fixed
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
control interface control Serial port/IO control
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 320 series, ER myCobot Pro 600

Adaptive Gripper: Use for Gripping Objects


  • A gripper is a robotic component that can function like a human hand. It has the advantages of complex structure, firm grasping of objects, not easy to drop, and easy operation.

  • The gripper kit includes gripper connecting wires and flanges, and controls the end effector of the robotic arm through a programmable system to realize functions such as object grabbing and multi-point positioning. Gripper can be used in all development environments, such as ROS, Arduino, Roboflow, etc.

working principle

  • Driven by a motor, the finger surface of the gripper makes a linear reciprocating motion to realize the opening or closing action. The acceleration and deceleration of the electric gripper is controllable, the impact on the workpiece can be minimized, the positioning point is controllable, and the clamping is controllable .

Applicable object

  • small cube

  • small ball

  • long object

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