pneumatic gripper

Compatible models: myCobot 320, myCobot Pro 600

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name mycobot320 pneumatic gripper
Model model myCobotPro_Gripper_Air_10
craft Metal + 7500 Nylon
Clamping rangeClamp size 0-8mm
Clamp force Outer diameter 34N Inner diameter 45N
Repeatability precision ±0.01mm
Lifetime one year
drive mode drive pneumatic
transfer method Piston cylinder
size 67.3×38×23.6mm
weightweight 180g
Fixed method Fixed screw fixed
Use environment requirements Temperature and pressure
control interface control I/O control
Applicable equipment ER myCobot 320 M5 ER myCobot 320 Pi ER myCobot Pro 600

Pneumatic Gripper: used for gripping objects


  • Pneumatic grippers, also known as pneumatic fingers or pneumatic grippers, are actuators that use compressed air as power to grip or grab workpieces. It is small in size, light in weight, compact in appearance, capable of single- and two-way grabbing, automatic centering, high repeatability, and automatic control of the magnetic switch.

  • Pneumatic gripper set includes gripper flange, air pump, φ8 air pipe, φ6 air pipe, φ8-6 quick connector, solenoid valve and cables. Its main function is to replace human grasping work, which can effectively improve production efficiency and work safety. An external suction pump is required.

working principle

  • Single piston: the axis drives the crank, and the air claw is driven by the piston to open and close. A corresponding crank groove is respectively arranged on the two claw pieces. In order to reduce the frictional resistance, the claw piece and the body are connected by a steel ball slide rail structure.

  • Double piston: It is operated by two pistons, and each piston is connected with a pneumatic finger by a roller and a double crank to form a special drive unit. Realize that the pneumatic fingers always move axially to the center, and each finger cannot move independently. Parallel jaw cylinder If the finger moves in the opposite direction, the previously compressed piston is in the exhausted state, while the other piston is in the compressed state.

Applicable object

  • The volume is smaller than the clamping stroke

  • The weight is less than the maximum clamping weight

  • Custom fingertips can expand more items

Appearance introduction




Cylinder body (mm) 6 10 16 20
Guide bearing width 5 7 9 12
use fluid Air
action mode Double acting
Minimum working pressure 0.15MPa 0.06MPa 0.05MPa
Maximum working pressure 0.7MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature Without magnetic switch: -10~+70℃, with magnetic switch: -10~+60℃ (but for freezing)
Piston speed 50-500mm/s
Allowable kinetic energy J 0.0125 0.025 0.05 0.1
Give oil unnecessary
buffer Rubber bumpers on both ends

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